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Will NOT Purchase another!! logo 8/10/2015 Amber

I only had my Jeep Liberty for a few months before I decided it was not reliable! From the second I drove off with it I knew something wasn't right. I had to instantly replace the brakes, rotors, ball joints, and struts. It still didn't ride correctly. I then had to replace the condenser and discharge line. I never figured out what exactly was wrong with it as far as the driving goes. I feel like maybe it was just the way it's made. I just got tired of putting money into it so I got rid of it. It got around 9 miles per gallon on the highway! I had serious problems with the steering. I HAD to drive with both hands and use some muscle just to keep it in the road especially at a high speed like on a highway. I do not recommend this vehicle especially if you have small children you want to protect!!!

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