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Wish I had another one logo 7/6/2015 lovethem

I bought mine in 1996, 1 year old with 25,000 miles on it. I was told it was probably a salesman's car but when I did the research found out it was a rental car. I panicked because I know how rentals are treated. After a year the fender, bumper and hood started changing colors, I could see it had been in at least one accident. But, it was the most dependable car I ever had, even though it had been a rental. Totally trouble free. At 197,000 the gas line started to rot and the engine started to leak out from a dried out seal. Being unemployed and lookinfg for a job, wife said I needed something more dependable so she leased me one. I'm grateful for that but I wish I had kept the 95.

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