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Without peers under 30K. A truly great car. logo 7/7/2016 Nicky

Plenty of space inside, seating and cargo. It goes when you press down on the pedal. Handles great, and the ride is more comfortable and heavier feeling than the competition. Since the VW buyout numbers have been published, I've had a test-drive in several cars in the same price-range. None of them are in the same class as the Golf. Not even close. The Focus wagon that everyone likes is cool, but it's appointed and built like an economy car. The interior reminds me of a seventies car, bucket seats with poorly cut/fit loose leather on cheapy bucket seats, like a Maverick or Mustang II. Subaru, bad plastic interior, handling, and not my style. The Mazda3 is probably my favorite contender. It does not handle, accelerate, or ride in the same class as the Golf. The interior is pretty good, but too busy and plasticy for me. The difference in ride-feel alone would make you think the Golf costs 8 or 9k more than the Mazda. The 2.0 liter TDI is a blast to drive. Quicker off the line than one would expect, yet it behaves like a bonafide German cruiser. I love this car.

Average Rating : 5


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