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Wonderful Little Car! logo 9/10/2015 Aurick S.

Test driving the different Crosstrek's (among other Subaru cars) I have found that the hybrid touring version was a lot more enjoyable to drive than the base model to limited Crosstrek. I found it a lot quieter and overall a great experience that I ended up purchasing the 2015 Crosstrek Hybrid Touring. It's not a speedster but that doesn't bother me ( I have a motorcycle for that ), and it does lack in the cargo department ( Hybrid battery takes away from some of the cargo room ), but besides those small con's I'm really glad I made the purchase. The bluetooth was easy to set up ( you're able to set 5 devices ), the speakers are not going to blow you away, but they more then suffice for me, push button start is a nice touch, and the navigation works great! I average close to 33 mpg, which to me is amazing since my previous car was around 13 mpg (92 Nissan pathfinder). Could not be happier with this car! ( well maybe if it had a little more cargo room but I'll live).

Average Rating : 5


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