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Work van and it's great in SF. logo 8/11/2015 thesksfalling

It's small but roomy. I purchased it in January and have about 10k miles on it. I am 6'2' and it's very comfortable. I am in it a lot Monday through Friday. This model does not come with a glass on the sliding door so that is an upgrade in my immediate future that I need for getting out of parking spots. I also want a rear recordable camera for backing up and watching the back. I have one in the front. I didn't think I would like the rear lift gate but I do. Previous to this van I have had several Astro vans but of course they stopped making them. I had to downsize a bit on tools and equipment but some items and tools I carried around for years and never used so for me it was no problem. Everything about the van works great. The transmission sometimes seems a little confused. I believe it's made in France. We will see how long it lasts. My Astros went over 150k on the transmissions. Gas milage is almost twice the Astro so I am saving dollars left and right. So far a great little truck that fits everywhere.

Average Rating : 5


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