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World's biggest driving machines

By Tom Wilson Slide 1 of 17: Big Bud 747

World's Biggest Driving Machines

Our family's first truck, a 1969 Datsun pickup, gave us the first joy of driving, but we soon tired of its puny power and apologetic size. So we bought a big American pickup. Then a truck with dual wheels on the rear axle, then an old monster truck being put out to pasture when the last monster jam passed through town. But you know, after crushing the first 20 cars or so it all begins to dull. There's the rocking crawl over the carcass of the offender's double-parked sedan and you're done. The thrill doesn't last. Lately we've been considering something with a little more presence. So check out these monstrous rides; if you find anything bigger, let us know.

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