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Worse purchase ever!!! logo 7/9/2016 K. Harrelson

Purchased our Santa Fe Oct. 2013, within the year the cover around the front passenger seats popped off, the material around the window began to peel off, the front headlight has a second bulb underneath, it detached, there was also this rattling noise when accelerating, and the headrest on the drivers side seat was dis-colored. Was informed by Hyundai that we were past the 36,000 mile mark and the interior was not covered under warranty. We were basically ignored and treated as if we did the damage to the car. Next the starter needed replacing (also not covered under warranty) so we paid out of pocket for the repair. Less than six months the starter was acting up again. Took it back to the dealership they said the wire leading to the starter was the problem and that we must have ran over a branch and disconnected the wire. We had the brakes replaced x 2. Next the motor that controls the windshield wipers stopped working. I hate Hyundai!!!

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