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Worst car ever logo 7/4/2016 Ramsey Reed

I've owned this car for 3 years now. I received it with 132,000 miles and one previous owner (an older couple). It is at 150,000 miles now and I have never seen a worse vehicle, and I'm a from a family of mechanics. I have been through 2 engines, 1 alternator, a new muffler, new catalytic converter, new engine chassis, new horn, rewired fuse box, new trim, new flywheel, 2 sets of rotors, countless hoses, new radiator, new ac unit, and now is stuck in first and second gear. This is obviously an awful car. I have never gone more than two weeks without an issue. Even now, it won't crank and smokes when it turns over. Save yourself the trouble and buy a newer model than the wj.

Average Rating : 2


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