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Worst Car I have Driven logo 6/14/2016 Cole123448

I have had two Hondas and one Smart Fortwo in my life. This focus is awful compared to the rest. The smart car seemed like a real downgrade from my Hondas but it shines like a gem compared to this piece of garbage. The main thing that I cannot get over is the transmission. Ford, what in god's name possessed you to release a vehicle that drives like this? Every single time you press the accelerator from a red light or stop sign the transmission kicks, jerks, and vibrates through most of first gear. It feels like the transmission is going to slip right out of gear each time and it scares me. I never know when the transmission might go. For being a "dual clutch" its awful. The Germans have been using these transmissions for a long while now and they run beautifully. Why Ford still cannot get it right baffles me. Next is the driving position. I am 6'3" so my seat is all the way back. I cant look out the window without half of my view being obstructed by the B pillar. And no the back of my seat is not tilted way back. A great looking car with great potential killed by sloppy American engineering.

Average Rating : 2


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