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Worst Car I have ever owned - So glad VW paid some logo 9/10/2015 Frank

I bought new in 2009. The combined cost of warranty and non-warranty (my cost) work has surely exceeded the purchase price of the vehicle in 150K miles. It spent much of the Summer 2015 in the dealer shop and they finally admitted they can't fix the emissions system. Problems started around 10K miles when VW replaced a $7000 part in the exhaust system - that's crazy. Then the problems just went on - 3 times the cruise control failed; several sensors and relays have failed; wiring too close to exhaust parts has burned; the particulate filter clogged; the starter failed; the waste gate has been freed up at least 3 times; the radio failed; the ECM failed; and the turbo actuator and a sensor have failed. This is my 11th and last VW. I finally sold it for parts one week after the recall was announced. The dealer told me to sell it because it could not be fixed. After a year, the person I sold it to has resold it to someone in CT and has made ~$4000 extra from the VW buyback. This Jetta was a lemon and VW Corp treated me like the problem and did nothing to make it right. In retrospect, I suspect the initial replacement part at 10K miles which involved completely removing the entire front of the vehicle and wiring probably resulted in its being reassembled incorrectly. BTW, the dealer completely rewired the engine compartment at their cost around 150K miles and told me everything was fixed as they had several times before - the IP lights were all on again the next day as they were every time it was "fixed". I think my dealer tried to some extent but eventually just wanted me to go away. They knew resetting the ECM would turn off the IP lights for~50 miles so I would go away "happy" but be back in a couple of days.What is even worse than the vehicle is the way VW has told me it's not their problem that my vehicle sucks. They had the same response even after their dealer told me to call and complain. Most of the serious issues I had were related to the emissions system - sound familiar now that they have recalled this TDI. I have purchased 2 new vehicles in 2015 and neither has had any problems after 42,000 & 26,000 miles. They are not VW's. I have replaced my 2010 and 2013 TDI's with a used 1990 Ford Ranger which has already had more trouble free miles than the 2010 Sportwagon in the 6 months I have owned it.I have now run the Ranger 22,000 miles with little trouble and never left me on the side of the road dead like the Jetta did many times. Can I change my overall rating to zero stars?

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