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Worst car I have ever owned logo 7/4/2016 KC

Yesterday was the 3rd greatest day of my life. 1. My daughter's birth in 2011. 2. My wedding in 2001. 3. The day I got rid of my Jeep Compass in 2016. Ok, so this car never left me on the side of the road, but it was the worst investment I have ever made. It did not hold value well at all and every time I turned around, some small part was breaking. There is a LOT of plastic on this car. And the seats are extremely cramped and uncomfortable for long drives. Very little cargo space. The power is dismal. Something is also flawed in the design to the point you have to roll all of the windows down if you roll down one window. It makes a very strange vibration if you don't. The transmission whines after long drives. Nothing wrong with it, it just whines. If you're looking for a car at this price point and have a family, go with the Kia Sorrento like I should have.

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