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Worst car I've ever owned. logo 8/6/2015 Mika

My sunroof shattered on me (while I had it open) it completely cut me up(face legs arms) when I took it in to get it fixed they said this had only happen to one other car, my car was returned to me the next day with all of my sunroof glass still inside my car and seats. I keep my car spotless and it had whatever they used to seal the sunroof on all over it. It looked like I had never washed my car ever in its life. I complained and refused to take the vehicle until it was completely detailed and glass was out of it. (Which took them 3 days) then 3 months later I got the recall letter on my sunroof. I also got my recall for the e-brake which seemed to me to be working fine. Took it in and got it fixed. I drive a manual and the gears grind all the time and I have the hardest time getting it into reverse/1st/2nd gear. Took it in as well and they told me nothing was wrong with the car that it was the driver. This year in June, I was at work and my car was parked, left in gear and with the e-brake up. I had an officer come pull me out of work saying my car had rolled into another car behind me because I forgot to put the e-brake up. He then walked with me to my car as I unlocked the doors he looked inside to see that my car was in gear with the e-brake up as far as it would go. Called Hyundai and took it in and they told me nothing was wrong with my car. My radio/touch screen has then decided to work on and off since backing up into the other vehicle. At times it won't turn on even after restarting the vehicle. And will randomly come on halfway to your destination. Hyundai also won't take fault for this. Hyundai is THE WORST car maker I have ever dealt with. I refuse to even look or buy another Hyundai vehicle.

Average Rating : 2


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