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WORST CAR OF THE YEAR NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5 S 2016 logo 7/10/2016 Kashif

I purchased Nissan Altima 2016 on May 21, 2016. I have only driven 800 miles on it. Air condition stop working, Inside the Trunk underneath the carpet there is a sealant melting causing rubber Mat also melting, All door windows rubber leaving black color on window frame, Trunk rubber Torn day 1 when drove off, Car start running heavy gas mileage has gone up after Air condition is not working. Car seat is sinking at one side. I have been offered Loaner Nissan Santra. It has been 14 business day dealer has not called me back with updates. The last time I called Service department for status was 8 days ago and I was told nothing wrong with AC and we will be involving BODY shop for Trunk and for window we will put OIL in rubber. I am paying almost $400 for New car yet I am not enjoying and driving cheap alternative more than 15 days. Nissan has assigned Case # but not responded as promised. Stay away from Nissan Altima or buy extended warranty over extended warranty. I wish I was not influenced in my decision making. I paid $23,000 for this junk car. I wish I had purchased Toyota Camry. I am taking legal action against Nissan and dealer see how it goes. I will update.

Average Rating : 2


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