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worst experience with Toyota Customer Service logo 8/7/2015 Gaurav

I have been a Toyota owner for the last five years. My family has owned multiple Toyota cars in the past years, hence, the reason why my family decided to purchase a Toyota vehicle. Since the ownership of my Toyota Corolla, which was bought brand new, I have had multiple issues with the vehicle, i.e., temperature gauge had gone bad two-years after purchasing the vehicle, driver's window stuck in down position, and the vehicle began to shake vigorously at around 40,000 miles and then again at 78,000 miles (when my children under the age of 5 were present during both incidents). I have been getting the vehicle serviced and maintained on time from a Toyota authorized service dealership. I have been completely unsatisfied with the level of care and commitment Toyota has provided. For a company that strives on "innovation, quality and reliability," Toyota has failedto comply with their standards and level of concern. I had registered a complaint with the Toyota Customer Experience Center, who disregard my complaint and faulted me atthe vehicle’s condition. The Executives that I had dealt with repeatedly continued to say that the engine failing is not Toyota's problem, even though I am able to prove that my maintenance was done on a timely basis. The Customer Care team members are rude and beyond help, with no sense of professionalism or mannerism. I have an $8,000.00 expense at the cost of Toyota’s faults and oversight. I am appalled to learn that Toyota knew about such faulty engines and issues but chose not take any action to fix such vehicles, given the fact they claim they have the most reliable cars – I think that is an understatement. Now, I will think twice before going back to a Toyota and never recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle from Toyota until they are able to accept responsibly and value their vehicles and customers.

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