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Worst GM Car Ever and Last logo 4/2/2015 gmfannomore

I bought this Acadia new off the dealer's lot at the end of 2010 and thought I got a great deal. It now has 70K miles. Between recalls and service bulletins it's been in the shop close to 15 times. Since December alone, it's been in 5 times. First, for a Service Bulletin to replace a timing chain, then every two weeks since for some other trouble code or fault. GM should be ashamed to have their logo on this car. I've asked for a full refund due to the failure of the engineering not living up to the "Professional Grade" motto, but been laughed at. I've been a GM fan for 40 years and am now selling everything GM I won because GM has failed to make this right. Never again.

Favorite Feature : At least the ignition switch works.

Suggested Improvement : a crusher would be appropriate, but piece by piece, the Engine timing chain,Engine mount, AC lines, brakes, Injectors, o2 sensors. catalytic converter, door latch, AC control buttons & suspension all failed and need to be re-engineered. none of these parts are what I would consider Professional Grade. They aren't even kindergarten worthy.

Average Rating : 1.125


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