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Worst purchase decision EVER! logo 7/29/2015 D.B.

Very disappointed in this purchase. Upgraded from a Honda Oddessey and I regret this decision wholeheartedly. IT IS THE ROUGHEST RIDE EVER AND INCREDIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE. I didn't realize how horrific the ride is while test driving because that is usually a quick ride. I am constantly yelling at my husband to stop driving like a maniac but am realizing it must be the car'mechanics or suspension. Either way, I dislike the feel and comfort of the car more and more everyday. I recall it driving slightly smoother the first 3 months we had it and now 10 months in, we're all bouncing out of the seats. My kids really dislike riding in the back seats. (I feel terrible because they weren't with us when be test drove it.) The engine is getting louder by the day. I don't care for the way this car shifts gears. Seems love it revs up very high before finally settling into the right gear.The lift hate is rusted underneath the chrome panels. It is currently in the body shop getting replaced. Let me remind you the car isn't even a year old yet!The temperature is never just right; either too hot or too cold. The back seat vents are sparse which is likely the reason for the fluctuation in temperature. I'm getting roughly 18.2 mpg but do travel frequently.15k mile "recommended service" is $450+. Ray Catena's complimentary car wash is a joke. Very sloppy on the cleaning overall. My car still had sticker residue on the outside after a few washed by the dealer. I took it to a car wash and paid for the job to be done right. It was like night and day.Overall very disappointed. Should have gone with the MDX. You can't see out the back window when the 3rd row headrests are up and in use.

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