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Worst Purchase of my Adult Life logo 8/13/2015 Hugh

Coming from a Toyota/Honda - you WILL be disappointed in a Ford. Sure, it has more gadgets, flashy interior, updated styling, etc.. but the maintenance and expensive repairs will eat you alive. Compare either at 100K miles and the difference is clear.The Good: Big fuel tank, means less stops. Interior is nice, Color (Mine is Blue) is really nice. Big back seat area. Also, I was able to get 21-22mpg out of mine during road trips. The Mediocre:Handling and Suspension is just meh. Lackluster is the word. Also, the traction control is a joke compared to my old 2013 Tundra. In 2wd, I was getting stuck in the exact same places that my Tundra would just crawl through without any wheel spin. The Ford would dig a hole and then cut engine power. The 5.0 Engine seems weak for the size of the truck, it does the job, but struggles with a small trailer or load in the bed.The Bad:At 86K miles, this truck needs MAJOR work. It's sad. Rear main seal is leaking enough to leave spots in the driveway. Steering Rack needs replaced due to the "Service Advance Trac" light that is coming on almost daily, which leaves a dead spot in the steering and cuts off the turn signals as well. These are issues that most trucks had covered under the factory warranty, so known issues, but these issues didn't pop up until later. The driveline has a gnarly clunk when leaving from a light or during heavy acceleration. Was told it needed a new driveshaft and slip yoke. Power Steering lines are starting to leak around the fittings. Why this truck is a total turd:For the money, this thing just cant compete with a Tundra. I can get a 2015 Tundra Limited with many more features, a bullet proof driveline, and better warranty and service. The local ford dealer is kind enough, but acknowledge that these issues are known in these trucks, but can't do anything for us. Toyota has always taken care of it's customers, many times well after warranty if it's a known issue. Not finding that kind of support from Ford unfortunately.Resale - ugh... I'm looking at losing 6.5K in just 1/2 a year, in order to avoid all these costly repairs (totalling nearly 5K in just 6 months) from trade-in value. However, given that I simply don't have faith in either the Manufacturer or the product, it's a loss worth taking to get away from this vehicle.ZUPDATE - I DID get away from this Ford F150, and what a blessing it was to finally be ridden of that thing... I wanted to give Ford a chance (thats why I bought it) - but I'm just not cut out for those kinds of repairs/maintenance/dissappointments on a regular basis. Back in a Tundra, and I haven't once looked for a cliff to drive it off of, or a thought of a way to set it on fire...

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