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Worst purchase of my life logo 5/31/2015 crysania

I bought this car used in 2009 with about 32k miles on it. Loved the look of it and it drove great. I had about one year of good driving and then it's been nothing but problem after problem. Wheel bearings, front bushings, AC gone, multiple check engine light problems that result in expensive repairs or a mechanic who can't find the problem as it comes and goes. I've sunk more money into this car in just a handful of years than I did in all the years of owning cars previously. Since I wrote this review, I was able to refresh the AC for cheap and it's been working fine. But the check engine light continues to come on and go off randomly, I've had to replace the muffler (twice), tie rods, steering column, fuel lines, and the shocks, struts and springs. There may be more. I can't even remember now. I'm trying to save up for a down payment on a new (used) car, but this thing keeps sucking away all my money.Update 6/1/17: I still have this car. It's still not the best. But after replacing pretty much every suspension related part on it, it's been ok for the past couple years. (I really shouldn't say that because now something will go wrong with it.) The check engine light continues to come on and off, but other than that the car has been ok. It now has 118k miles on it and I'm determined to drive it until it dies.

Average Rating : 3


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