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Worst ride ever logo 5/20/2015 dmslv02

I have the one with orange seat piping, on Sunday it will be 4 weeks of sheer awful. The ride is so stiff that after 49 minutes my back start hurting. After 2 hrs it's not good, go four hours and I can't walk upright for a day and in pain for another two and stiff. I have never in my life had a back problem only in this car. The interior looks like a 90's Pontiac Grand Prix so I'm sure most pedestrian amuricans will like it. The exteriors look good except the creases cause hwy wind buffeting like a Yaris, I utterly hate it and I'm trading it in, the cars not worth 20k in the top line let alone 34 msrp.

Favorite Feature : Air cooled front seats.

Suggested Improvement : Modernize the 2007 ditch this hideous last two designs they age badly, bring back beige and higher quality interiors, make it a diesel since it sounds like one without any form of benefits, mpg a joke, similar cars in turbo get 35+ mpg 26 mpg in this. The tack ons look like a new grand am, the interior a Grand Prix, aka ugly cheap, the seats are the worst, too long in the seat cuts off blood flow numb legs are dangerous, the back doesn't even touch one side of my lower back. . Make it a sedan not some 4 door fake sports car. Redesign the trunk lid so when wet water doesn't dump into the trunk future rust issues! The add on bongs are a waste dump them.

Average Rating : 2.25


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