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Worst riding new car we have ever bought!!!!!!!!!! logo 8/25/2015 Ronald Lee

We bought this 2014 Honda CR-V ELX new from Howdy Honda and have had problems since we purchased it. The radio is useless because you cannot hear it for the road noise. Brakes are bumpy when applied with an uneven brake, release, brake motion. There is a noise that increases and decreases with speed (sounds almost like a belt in one of the tires has shifted or a bad wheel bearing). The actuators on the back hatch door are bad and will be replaced. The pneumatic tire pressure indicator is always coming on. Steering is too quick ( There is no comparison between a CR-V and an Accord with the Accord being far superior. There are other makes that offer more options for around the same cost. Rough riding vehicle. We tried to tell Howdy Honda we were having problems with this car and they would drive it and say there is nothing wrong with it. Finally at my request a service manager (AND MYSELF) took the car for a test drive (he drove it) and he admitted it had problems. Bear in mind your complaints are (concerns at Howdy Honda). I also asked him how about driving a new CR-V to compare rides (mine has had these problems since the first time I took the car in for an oil change) and the service manager quickly stated it wouldn't be a good idea as the technology has changed from 2014 to 2015 (can you believe that). Honda has become a company that makes excuses for its flaws instead of standing behind them and doing what is right. On the defective hatch actuators (support arms) a service person tried to tell me I would have to duplicate the problem (the hatch has become locked in the open position twice and I thought I was going to break it if I applied more force in trying to close it). I felt like telling this individual he was an idiot and he really made me angry at doubting my integrity. I told him what was I or my wife supposed to do----drive the fifty miles to the dealership with the hatch stuck up in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This CR-V ELX may have 26,000 miles on it but the problems listed have existed since we purchased it and complained during the time of the first oil change. Ronald Lee

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