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Worst Vehicle I've Ever Owned logo 3/23/2015 jem10

My family has owned many Nissan/Infiniti vehicles over the years and have loved them, until this one came along. We, along with many others, were faced with the dreaded transmission/radiator problem. We rebuilt the transmission, luckily had a warranty that paid for it. Then, 5 months later, the oil pump failed, which required a new timing chain tensioner along with many other simultaneous repairs, $1700 bill and 3 weeks in the shop. The TPMS light has been on for 1 year. I have had the system checked multiple times and the mechanics didn't know what was wrong with it. I have encouraged my entire family and all of my friends to choose something besides Nissans in the future.

Favorite Feature : Comfort, 4WD. The Nissan Pathfinder makes a beautiful lawn ornament.

Suggested Improvement :

Average Rating : 3.25


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