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Worth every penny logo 4/10/2015 perek75

I drive the Honda LX trim level. 152500 miles (now 171000) and the only none scheduled repair was replacing the blower motor which was 5000 miles ago. Reliable, dependable and good economy car , gas mileage 22-26 or so with AWD. Got the car new. I am 6 ft 2 in tall and 300 lbs + and I am very comfortable driving and riding in this car. Plenty of head space and easy to get in and out of. My wife is around 5 ft and she can easily adjust seat for her. If anything there is some road noice especially when comparing with newer 2015 model cars and the stereo is not the best but it works fine. Great winter car as well (Chicago area Michelin hydroedge tires). Comfortable seats, good visibility. I consider this a safe car based on crash tests however it obviously don't have some of the new technology available in newer models. As to recalls, I think there has been 2 in the life of the car one was airbag related from the big scandal. Utility: easy to fit long narrow items such as for example a 2x4 8 ft long. The hatch can open two ways, only the window or the whole hatch. When I transport something long I open the window hatch and drive with it open - ingenious design. I have a roof rack and there is pretty much nothing for a household I cannot transport. I also have a hitch. Don't use it often but last time was pulling a uhaul trailer small size full with stuff about 300 miles. The tow capacity is not super but made the trip ok at highway speeds. This is not a sports car but suits me well. Since first review battery died but nothing unusual about that. I do have a noise from one of the wheels on the serpentine belt that might need repair soon, but after 171000 miles I am not complaining. This would be a great starter car for a young driver in my opinion.

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