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Worth every penny logo 9/5/2015 Carlos

People say you get what you paid for, but with this car you get so much more, and just so you know that I know what I am talking about I had a Cadillac, 2 Honda civic,, 2 accord 1 camry, 1 Subaru, and a Toyota previa and nothing come near close to this car regarding reliability or economy is not just the gas , the brake pads alone last close to 100.000 miles I have about 110.000 miles and beside regular oil changes and the brakes nothing else, the car run smooth no matter how hot or cold is it, the economy is not the greatest in cold weather but that is a fact in every other car, my only complain would be on the handling and the ride. the steering wheel feels like you are in a boat instead of a car, weird and to keep it in an straight line in bad wether (wind,rain or snow) is a chore who would have tought that a hybrid would be synonymous with poor handling harsh ride and poor driving position.

Average Rating : 5


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