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Would Love IT Except...Horrible Transmission logo 7/3/2015 mps_

Purchased: 2016 MDX Advance. This is my second MDX (my wife's car) and while I am big fan of the vehicle, Acura made some horrible tweaks to the car. If I were to buy this car again, I would try to find a 2015 model.Pros: The interior is beautiful with great materials. The ride quality is excellent and always gives confidence.Cons: The are 3 man issues with this car1) The transmission is truly horrible. I am car guy who has owned many cars and have never experienced such a bad transmission. PLEASE release a software update to fix this2) The auto-idle is poorly executed and there is no way to permanently turn it off.3) Infotainment system is dated and the GPS in mediocre

Favorite Feature : Interior is great. Remote start feature is worth the money. The safety features are good (the reason I bought this car) even though they are a bit intrusive.I would stay away from the Advance model and just get a Tech with the AcuraWatch Plus.Additional Con: I didn't have room above or below so I also wanted to comment on the new shifter buttons. You have to look at them to make a change and they just seem like an extra step. I also used to rest my hand on the shifter which I can no longer do. If Acura doesn't do a better job of implementing their changes then I will be looking elsewhere when my lease is up.

Suggested Improvement : 1. Reprogram the transmission. Driving under 25 miles an hour (my town's speed limit) feels like there is a drag on the engine and the shifting is not smooth. Putting the car is sport mode (which my wife did by accident during her first drive) makes the car buck and jerk at low speeds. Did anyone at Acura actually drive this car before releasing it?2. Fix auto idle or allow for it to be easily turned off (permanently). I have rented many cares with this feature and this is one of the worst implementations.3. Acuras used to be known for their great technology. The infotainment system is really dated. Why hasn't Acura rolled out something like the head unit in the new Volvo XC90?

Average Rating : 4.25


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