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would never buy a Chrysler product again! logo 9/8/2015 william

My car (2007 base model Sebring 2.4l) was the worst purchase ever!I bought my 2007 used in 2011 with 94k. First appearance was great! Very specious, decently large trunk, excellent sound quality from the speakers, sharp interior and exterior, minimal road noise. Everything cosmetically was great for a compact car. The first two years I owned the car I did regular maintenance which include a new starter, new tires, breaks, alignment, new belts, air filter, oil changed with synthetic oil every 3000 miles. After the second year everything went down hill.First was the car would shake when I traveled on the freeway and lightly tap the break. It was so dangerous I had to pull over immediately! I was told first by a mechanic that I need new breaks and rotors. I purchased new breaks and rotors which cost me around $300! That wasn't the problem it ended up needing new break calipers which are 150 a piece i needed two.After that I had a coolant leak I needed new clamps for the hose. That was a $40 repair. The fluids had to be constantly observed especially the coolant. this car had a coolant problem the entire time I owned the car.the breaks needed to be replaced every couple of months! Then the engine failed during winter which cracked the block which lead to me purchasing a used engine with 66k total installation cost 2000. Chrysler dealership wanted to charge me 2000 just for a used engine so that forced me to go else where. The engine failing also lead to the heater coil failing which lead to no heat! With was a 1000 dollar fix OUTSIDE the dealership. The a/c control would not stay on high. The interior no matter how many times I got it detailed would never stay clean the stains just soaked in the fabric. After that my car kept making a loud popping noise when I turned the wheel, then I took it back to the mechanic and it was the complete hub assembly which cost me over $300 dollars. Then the back door stopped working from the outside . The antenna flew off. The headliner fell down. Then I thought I could at least get another year out of the car. After 20,000 miles from when I changed the engine, the car over heated blew the radiator hose. Then I had to get it towed to the mechanic where he replaced the hose the part was 55.00 not including labor, he checked the head gasket, compression test, checked for air in the line, replaced both thermostats in the car that cost me over 300 dollars. And it still didn't stop over heating. It would over heat at idle and go back down when I drove it. Also at this point the car had 164k and the linkage kept sticking and transmission was slipping. Plus I had to replace at least 5 sensors on the car Finally the mechanic told me he recommends selling the car which I did. I hardly got any money for the car I practically gave it away since the car depreciated so much.Just a reminder I did a full carfax report the previous owners also maintained it ever 3000 miles and the car has never been in an accident.Chrysler should be ashamed for putting a car with this many problems on the market

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