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Would rather walk than buy another Ford logo 6/18/2016 F*ck Ford

got this car back in 2014. Amazing deal and after about a year I learned why. All of the technology has died, even the radio won't turn on. Most importantly there is a part in the door that keeps the door from locking all the time. I learned about this after I was robbed twice. It is a common defect , but there is no recall on it. I lost my laptop, tablets and flag from my uniform in Iraq. Called Ford and they pretty much told me to pound sand. Now the right brake drum is going and the motor in the passenger window is having death throws. So basically I got a car and in 3 years of owning it I will have to pay another 2-3 grand just to have it work the way it is supposed to . I owned a Toyota for over 12 year and never had the problems I am having with this Ford. I don't even do anything strange in it. I just drive on the road.

Average Rating : 2


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