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Wouldn't Trade it for ANYTHING logo 9/8/2015 Althund

Best all around car I have ever owned and my fifth BMW overall. I will drive this one till it dies. A lot of people have commented on high maintenance costs but I challenge anyone to say any high performance car from Audi, Mercedes or any other automaker is cheaper to maintain. They all cost $$$ for the performance. If you want cheap maintenance costs, by a Focus. Mine is a driver, not a show piece. But if I wanted a show piece, I would have bought a painting. I wanted a drivers car with the comfort of four doors. Sure there are faster car now, but they also have a multitude of complicated computers and active suspensions and systems that cost a fortune to fix. I have had mine for 3 years now, and all I have done is tires, brakes, oil and gas. My only complaint about the E39 M5 is the inability to change the nav/radio out in the car without a major investment due to the DSP system in the car. But like anything, if you are creative, you can get the system work with a tablet.

Average Rating : 5


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