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WOW! MB E350 vs Hyundai Genesis 3.8 logo 7/27/2015 Jay Tate

Traded my 2011 MB for 2012 Genesis after 2.5 years with the E350 4-Matic. Should have done this years ago. I bought in April 2015. It was a leased turn-in with ONLY 5783 miles. First noticed great acceleration...3.8 vs 3.5! Second, fuel economy... 19.5 around town; 32 on the road vs 18 and 28. The great cost savings feature: regular fuel for the 3.8 vs hi-test for the E350! As others have reported, there is a slight lag gear shifting in city driving but NOT on the highway. Mine has the fantastic technology package...front parking sensor is very convenient; rear camera with parking sensor is great; active cruise control does not allow me to sneak up on a slower driver. BTW, great dashboard graphics on the active cruise. Vent seat is great...but, would like vent in passenger seat as well. Genesis's leather seats are far superior compared to the MB's faux leather. My E350 driver's seat developed a crack near the sown seam at 51K miles. I had the 6-year/100K warranty. The MB dealer would not honor...saying crack was due to fair wear. That's BS! My girl friend's 2012 GLK 350 has 90K (she's a manufacturer's rep), has same seat faux leather material, she's in and out all the time, and her seat has not cracked. (Yet one more reason why I traded!) Per another review, I assume the tech package comes with rear privacy curtain. I like this feature...MB had same. Overall, the Genesis 3.8 with tech package is by far superior to my MB E350. And for less, $$$, one gets a LOT more automobile. Oh yes, if you like the Genesis wing emblem, this can be ordered to replace the leaning H emblem....front, rear, and on the wheel rim hub covers. Last comment....WOW! is a great way to describe this automobile.

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