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Wow! logo 9/7/2015 Eric Oleson

Wow, what a vehicle! This is our fourth Expedition. The first three were great but we decided to scale down to an Explorer, which was a great vehicle but just not the same! So we got another Expedition and what a Wow it is! Ford has taken an already great vehicle and has made it better. Yes we love the comfort, the fact that you can see forever, that physics is always on your side should there be a crash, handling is impeccable (it will walk through anything) but now it has a power plant that puts the old one to shame. It has so much more power that I actually have to be careful when accelerating or I'll invariably leave precious tread on the road from peeling out. Look, this is not a GT by any means but it sure is fun when I experience that feeling of the head being thrown back at the changing of the light! And oh, did I happen to mention that our mileage has increased by well over 20%? Our recent trek to Chicago gave us 18.3 M/G - not bad for a behemoth!

Average Rating : 5


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