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X5 Diesel 2013 is a game changer! logo 6/14/2017 IronManX5

This is the most affordable, reliable , gas efficient Luxury car in the market. The 2013 BMW X5 Diesel had all the issues that the previous diesel resolved and is the perfect car. If you were making a decision between this car and the new look of a 2014 BMW X5 Diesel. I would suggest stick with the 2013 or go for a 2017 which will cost you. I am amazed by the 28 Miles per gallon, solid, luxury, powerful reliable car. Is this is your first diesel car you may have to get used to the hum of a diesel engine. However after 3 weeks you will find it hard to drive a car that does not produce that solid power humming diesel noise. This is the best luxury car, I have ever won

Average Rating : 5


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