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X5M versus Cayenne Turbo logo 9/11/2015 Peter Flack

I have now been driving my 2015 model X5M for just over 18 months. As regards overall driving performance, the car is very similar to the previous model except the suspension is improved and there are now three setting including Comfort but still no ability to raise the suspension like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, which proved to be important when we took the car off-road in one of our more remote national parks. The car had to be taken back to BMW after the trip to cure all the rattles and squeaks. The Porsche spent quite a lot of time off-road on our game ranch and did not suffer from the same problem. Unlike Porsche, however, BMW seem not to have learned the lesson that, if it's not broken don't fix it and have introduced a whole raft of essentially technical and software innovations so, instead of getting into the car and feeling immediately at home, there are many new things to learn, the most irritating of which is a button on the steering wheel entitled Lim which, if hit accidentally as it is easy to do, confines the speed to 60 kph! When it first happened I thought I had blown the engine! It took literally hours to go through the various aspects of the car with the after sales guru - his card specifies his title as BMW Genius - and, to be honest, I have had to do so again despite reading the manual. In brief, the X5M is fundamentally more of the same just much more complicated and with lots of unnecessary technical and software wizardry, which do nothing for the driver or drivability other than show how smart the people are at BMW and do not justify the substantial price increase since the last model. Overall a slightly disappointing buy compounded by some build issues - the gaps between some of the panels vary and are too wide - and definitely my last BMW X5M. Do not know what to buy next as my previous Cayenne Turbo was a disaster - back to Porsche eight times in the first 12 months to attempt to fix a repeated ignition problem, which they were unable to do. The car spent some three months at Porsche in that time. They would not replace it and I eventually sold it back to them at a substantial loss.

Average Rating : 3


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