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XLE is really a Base model logo 7/9/2016 UnhappyToyotaBuyer

With very few options in the XLE with the exception of the Entune Premium. It is frustrating that Toyota left out simple options like Auto Headlights and Home Link auto dimming Mirror. The Entune system is so locked down it should be listed as a boat anchor not an "Infotainment" system. Our RAV voice recognition does not work at all and adds to the extreme frustration with the system since changing or adding a destination or making a call with out voice requires a a stop on the side of the road, bad thinking on the part of Toyota. XM radio is does not function well and Traffic updates are non-existent. Presently Toyota is looking into the Entune issues but thus far no one seems confident of a fix. Gas milage is great, acceleration is adequate and handling is great. The lack of usable technology is the biggest downside. The XLE in Canada comes fully loaded no one has been able to find a logical reason for the disparity in the US model especially since our Sales person informed us the XLE had all the options of the Limited with the exception of Heated seats and mirrors, BS . Had I known how frustrating the Entune system is to operate and the fact Entune does not do anything without Cellular Phone Data, I would have purchased a non-hybrid Honda CR-v Very similar gas mileage and Horsepower. This is our 5th Toyota and likely our last.

Average Rating : 3


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