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Yeah...But No logo 7/24/2015 Jane Doe

Was so excited to get my new Jeep Cherokee. One month in, the car started shuddering heavily and pulling as I was driving down the road. The dashboard looked like a NASA lunar launch mission it was so lit up. Then the damn thing just...stopped. In traffic. Had it towed to the dealer. They couldn't find anything. Same thing happens again a couple of weeks later. Same result. A month later, I get locked inside the car. Yes--inside. Can't open the doors, the windows, nothing. Tow comes (3 hours, thank you Jeep Roadside Assistance), and again "nothing." Then the car started vibrating and shaking. Now the diagnosis was "transmission problems." Each time, the service took longer and longer, and it never got fixed. Each time = 5 times. And through all of this, I had to deal with the abysmal service through Chrysler Customer Care and their dealers, who are surly and condescending. Imagine calling for a service problem with a safety issue and being told that they have an appointment 9 days away. Yup--that happened. At first, I thought this was an isolated instance: my car was just a bad car. But after I did a little investigation, I discovered that these issues were known Jeep issues, especially the shaking and the transmission problems. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

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