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you can find better logo 8/3/2015 Manny Espinoza

At 32K the transmission was swapped due to shuddering at randoms speeds. From day one I complained about the transmission shudder and was told by 3 different dealerships that it was in good working order. The new transmission is doing the same thing so I will be getting a lawyer if Nissan does not buy my buyback my Altima. My next car will be a Honda /accord with a manual transmission or maybe a Camry since they are not having issues with their CVTs, at least not nearly as bad as Nissan. What I was told by a Nissan mechanic is that Renault bought Nissan about 10 years ago and that since then the quality has been going doing down. Nissan knows there is an issue with their transmission but will not do anything about it. I also had issues with the outside temperature sensor and the back up camera, which they replaced a week ago, only to have the same issues. I own a 1999 Altima with over 300k miles on it never han problems like these with it. Nissan's quality is not what it used to be, do not buy Nissan, I will not buy another Nissan my self.

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