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You get a leaky roof with an Audi Convertible??? logo 7/25/2015 Cookie's Audi

My A3 has been in the shop a total of 3 visits / 30 days. One visit was never recorded with Audi after 7 days of trying to trouble shoot and duplicate the leaking, which they never did get to leak....supposedly. Took it in twice to a dealer with it physically and they still said I was imagining things. REALLY DISAPPOINTING AND VERY FRUSTRATING after I had such high expectations of buying a luxury European car such as Audi AND FOR THE PRICE. The convertible button is located on the lower console but my puppy (45 pounds) steps on it, it starts rolling up. One other time he stepped on the power button and the doors locked with my key fob sitting on my seat, he stepped on the lock button on the key fob....glad the windows were down partially and I could reach my key. Lesson learned there and really pretty stupid of me to leave my puppy in the car to talk to the mailman, but thought they might make it a bit harder than that to lock yourself out. Surprised the key fob isn't deactivated if detected in the car. Pinch protection on the windows was not working, one day I went to my car after it poured rain for 3 hours and drivers window was down 1/3 of the way and the interior door, seat and floor were soaked. This happened with the passenger rear window as well. The Audi connect never stayed connected, had to go through a big process every time I tried to use it and log in again and again, with a pin and other annoying login criteria, it was only a 3 month trial. After that you pay $500/year for the service and as far as I could tell, you only received a satellite image of the navigation, which for that price I am ok with 3D. Navigation seems really outdated even with the most current version....supposedly. The one thing good about my car is the ride. I do enjoy the handling and peppy pick up, VERY SLOW acceleration which they say because it has a clutch system, which I thought would be instant. Probably should have saved myself $20k and bought a Beetle convertible - same options and details since they are made by the same company. The convertible is lumpy and creases easily. Large amount of road noise which I believe is associated with the top leaking since it is not sealing properly. The Quattro is very nice in the winter. Glitchy annoyances like after closing convertible it turns my heater on full blast and it's 90 degrees out. If you switch from radio screen to navigation it goes to radio stations in the area not the presets that it was on so you have to switch back and hit the preset button again. I could go on and on......I would pass if I were you!!

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