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You Get What You Pay For logo 4/8/2017 Jay0893

First time leasing a Toyota. Bottom line: it's an economy car. If you travel and have rented cars--it would be the one you'd be driving if you the cheapest rate was your no.1 priority. It's...a solid inexpensive car that optimizes features to the extent possible for a car of this price and category. Being brand new--easier to tolerate some of the irritating things that I'd expect from cars like this, primarily: extremely noisy above 40-50 MPH. Seats are very basic and stiff--comfort adjustments seem to be a given basic feature in cars today--the corollas would be too--if it was 1980. Decent control panel and ease of Bluetooth. Speakers and sound are terrible--like a cheap speaker bought in a pinch at Walgreens for 5.99. Surprisingly bad. Headlights and safety features are strong. Gas mileage of course is exceptional--you can drive the thing all month in your avg. metro area on one tank of gas. It is a complete sled of a car on acceleration until the engine warms up (in 2017? And with a little car with no weight to it-would have thought a basic feature) Very nice optimization of cargo space --they really do a nice job optimizing. You can fit much more than you'd think in this little car. But in the end--it's nothing luxurious by way of smooth ride, or comfort beyond normal day to day city driving. Solid. Reasonably priced, bland but decent enough exterior look. Sure the rental companies are all over Corollas, also seems a car you'd lease your teenage child as a first car or reliable college car--as buying or leasing brand new is very affordable. My number one irrantant that, had I known at signing, would have been a deal breaker: the noisy ride. Definitely zero in on that in test drive to make sure you can live with it or it'll really grate on your nerves.

Average Rating : 2


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