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You need deep pockets if driven on salted roads! logo 7/28/2015 Headed for Bankruptcy

I completely agree with the other reviewer about how unsupportive the clamshell-shaped front seats are, with no lumbar support whatsoever -ouch! As well as the easily scratched plastic panel under the gearshift, and how the steering wheel blocks the speedo when properly adjusted. I bought it in Aug. 2012 with 47K miles. It now (July '15) has 102K+ miles due to long work commutes (on salted roads during rough Cleveland Winters). Which 2 brake repair shops tell me is the reason why I've had to replace the rear brake rotors/pads no less than 4 times, and the rear calipers no less than 3 times!! Add to this- $885 in 3 separate transmission service/repairs by the Mazda stealership over the past 5 months alone! Same reason given- corrosion from road salt. Combined with the fact that this car is downright scary/dangerous to drive on snow/ice covered roads- even with 4 new Kuhmo KH16 (pure crap) tires. (And I've been driving here since 1982) Other than that, I like it better (and is only slightly less scary driving in Winter than my '07 6i Touring Hatchback with the low profile tires was), but only after replacing the garbage factory door speakers w/ Alpine SPS-517 ones.

Average Rating : 4


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