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You won't find a better mid-sized truck logo 12/8/2016 Dr Livingstone

First of all - this is a truck, not a car, and certainly not a sports car. Capability, dependability, reliability, are all paramount in buying a truck. This truck excels in each category. Re-sale value far exceeds everything else in the class. Some buyers want the most electronic gadgets they can get, others want a bare bones no-nonsense "less stuff to break" type trucks. This truck falls in the middle somewhere. It's neither the most tech, nor the least. It rides great, shifts smoothly, provides a "go anywhere - do anything" driving experience. I don't find the seats to be low nor uncomfortable, YMMV. Drawbacks? I do get some noise from the passenger side door seal in high cross winds, I'll have the dealer look at it. That's about it. In summary, I'd buy the same truck again no questions asked. I think that speaks volumes of my recommendation.

Average Rating : 5


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