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You'll need lot's of oil logo 3/4/2015 Joe Krownen Jr.

Bought our 2011 forester new. On a long drive in 2014, we heard a ticking sound in the engine. Once home, took it to the dealer. Dealer said it was very low on oil, so they replaced filter and topped it off. We took another long drive and the ticking returned. I had to add three qts of oil. Since that time, it seems I have to check the oil every 1,500 to 2,000 miles and will need to add a quart. The break-in procedures were followed and oil service was accomplished on schedule. All service was performed by the dealer the first two years or so (long drive). We smell burning oil in the garage. There is no oil on the ground or engine. Not sure exactly when it started, but it seems to be getting

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : We have a '99 Plymouth Voyager and the roof rack has two cross bars and there's slots for string when tying something down. The Forester does not have cross braces and no slots or spots as attach points for tying something down. Those rails seem more as a decoration as they are not very functional.

Average Rating : 3.125


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