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Zippy Electric Vehicle logo 7/8/2016 Califas

The 500e has a better response than the gas-powered version. It handles better, has the best pickup and go, and is so fun to drive. I wanted to lease an electric vehicle so I wouldn't have to pay for parking in my city's parking meters and garages (my city has an incentive to lease/purchase EVs) especially as I work downtown and must pay to park. It's a dream to drive and park, and recharges when you break, so it becomes a game to get as much mileage from a charge as possible. So far, I've had no problems with the car at all. The lease is up the end of the year, and I've become spoiled with having an EV; it's wonderful not to pay for gas, oil, or smog check! I hope to continue with either leasing or owning another EV. At least in California, this is the way to go especially as the state has a pay back money incentive to own/lease an EV.

Average Rating : 5


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