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Zippy Go Cart logo 5/11/2015 kimburlee

I've had the car for a few months and put almost three thousand miles on it. I tried the automatic but man, was it lousy. Floorin' it and nothin'. The manual though, fun stuff. I feel like a kid again with my go cart. It's no frills like my go cart but it has AC (not the best but I don't live in Phoenix so whatevs). The sound system ain't that great but I don't care. I got it super cheap and brand new. I love zippin' around town in it. Recently I drove it into the mountains and it was fun! I can imagine the automatic would have sucked up there though. I thoroughly enjoy the interior cloth or whatever it is. Best of all, 38.5 MPG in town. UPDATE 5/12/16Still love this car. No repairs have been needed. The MPG's have only improved and right now I'm sitting at about 40.5 average.

Average Rating : 4


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