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World’s Fastest Porsche Hits 227MPH | RIDICULOUS RIDES

For 15 years, BBI Autosport have been the experts in high-end, off-the-market tuning. But one of their most recent projects on a Porsche 911 GT2 RS seems to have stood out from the rest. Although this model is already Porsche’s most powerful car, BBI has expanded its capability even further by transforming one from a sleek sports car into a swift supercar. With specialist customisation, they pushed the car to reach speeds of 227mph, making it the fastest 911 in the world. Owner of BBI Betim Berisha told BTV: “We take this beautiful canvas that Porsche gives us and we tailor it to a client’s need or specific goal that we’re after. I don’t think we have ever built a car that made you actually feel this comfortable doing something so wrong. If I had to describe this Porsche in three words, I would say it’s visceral, raw and powerful.” Starting with the factory model, BBI upgraded the classic 911 with a custom engine, larger turbos and an advanced cooling system. Dmitriy Orlov, who works at the company said: “This car has bigger turbochargers, more intercooler, better calibration, a water-methanol injection system, better chassis to handle the high speed – and of course on Michelin tyres because they are just proven to be phenomenal at any speed and power level. There is also a lot of work on the interior. There are raised seats and harnesses to ensure that the car is safe.” To buy from the showroom, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS typically sells for around $350,000 – but with this level of modification, this car would cost closer to half a million dollars.
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