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Suzuki Xbee Concepts Bring Their Rugged Cuteness To Tokyo

motor1 logo motor1 9/25/2017 Chris Bruce
Suzuki Xbee concept© Suzuki Xbee concept

Where the Suzuki E-Survivor looks ready to conquer any terrain, the Japanese brand’s Xbee (pronounced “cross bee”) concepts imagine more city-friendly CUVs at the Tokyo Motor Show. The automaker will show them in standard, Outdoor Adventure, and Street Adventure guises at the event. 


Suzuki sees the Xbee as a vehicle that would fit well in the city thanks to its compact size and high maneuverability. However, it would also work outside of the urban jungle due to the “rough-road drivability and functionality of an SUV,” according to the company.

The standard Xbee is an extremely cute, ultra boxy crossover. It features two-tone paint with a yellow body and black roof. A satin-finished silver bumper lends a retro aesthetic. Square-shaped fenders lend a rugged look, but the Xbee doesn’t look capable of going too far off road.

The Xbee Outdoor Adventure (above) is the first vehicle in recent memory to feature fake wood paneling along the side. It’s a styling cue that doesn’t need to make a large-scale return, but there’s something charming about the retro detail on this Suzuki.

Finally, Suzuki has the Xbee Street Adventure variant that trades the wood decal for a flash of color. The black body features bold, yellow details on the lower front fascia, wheels, and along the side. A white roof and matching mirror caps break up the dark body even more. 

Suzuki doesn’t reveal the Xbee concepts’ interior yet. We hope it looks as charming as the outside though.

Suzuki Xbee Outdoor Adventure concept© Suzuki Xbee Outdoor Adventure concept

Unfortunately, there are also no powertrain details for any of the Xbee models yet. Given their size and Suzuki’s engine lineup, we would expect a small-displacement three- or four-cylinder mill under the hood. More information should arrive at the Tokyo Motor Show that starts in late October.


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