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GOP On Trump's Blast On Mueller: Whaddya Gonna Do?

ACLU Sues St. Louis For Alleged Police Violation Of Protesters' Rights

The Jason Stockley verdict was handed down one week ago in the City of St. Louis. In the intervening days, there have been protests of varying scope. According to, daytime protests have essentially been non-violent, if somewhat inconvenient. But at night, there have been eruptions of violence and vandalism, and the police have employed various methods to to quell them and made numerous arrests. Now, the ACLU has filed suit against the City of St. Louis on behalf of two city residents. The suit alleges the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments were violated by interfering in the protesters' right to record police action, engaging in unlawful search and seizure, and violating due process by gassing and spraying demonstrators with chemical agents.
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