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Debunking the week's tabloid stories

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 2/10/2017

Katy Perry wants to hook up with Calvin Harris to get revenge on Taylor Swift Katy Perry wants to hook up with Calvin Harris to get revenge on Taylor Swift, reveals OK!. After collaborating on his upcoming album, Perry now “wants to turn their flirty friendship into something much more,” notes the publication. 

A source tells the magazine the collaborators initially kept their dynamic “strictly professional,” but after Perry “brought up Taylor,” Harris was “more than happy to vent” about his former girlfriend. And now that they’ve bonded over Swift being a “total fake,” the outlet’s insider maintains Perry wants to take things to the next level. The publication’s source further states, “It’s icing on the cake for Katy that she can drop this bomb on Taylor. There’s only one goal for Katy now, and that’s for a romance with Calvin to go public.”

It should be noted, OK! has a horrendous track record when it comes to reporting on Perry’s love life. As Gossip Cop reported, for example, the tabloid had to apologize to Perry in 2015 for falsely claiming she was pregnant with John Mayer’s baby. Still, Gossip Cop investigated and we’re told it’s untrue Perry has any intention of embarking on a romance with Harris for revenge or otherwise. “It was about the music, that’s it,” says our contact about their collaboration.

Gwen Stefani was dumped by Blake Shelton © Provided by Gossip Cop Gwen Stefani was dumped by Blake Shelton, announces In Touch on the cover of its new issue. According to the magazine, the Shelton broke her heart, and there are no longer plans for a "live TV proposal" on "The Voice." 

The publication reports Shelton "pulled the plug" when he realized Stefani wasn't committed to moving the relationship forward. An insider explains that while "The Voice" producers "would love nothing more than for Blake to propose on live television," he "knows the timing isn't right" because Stefani is "hesitant" to marry again. Consequently, Shelton "put the brakes on everything,” notes the outlet's source.

Still, while Stefani "felt dumped," the insider maintains Shelton doesn't really want to split for good but rather "slow down." "He thinks cooling things off a little will make them stronger in the long run," says the magazine's tipster. But the tabloid is trying to have it both ways. 

The cover was designed to make readers think Shelton completely “dumped” Stefani, while the actual article inside the edition points out they're still spending time together and not completely over. The truth is there was never a breakup of any kind, and Stefani and Shelton are just as committed as always. Gossip Cop learned this split narrative was made up, with Stefani’s rep exclusively assuring us it’s entirely untrue.

Kate Middleton is expecting again © Provided by Gossip Cop Kate Middleton is expecting again, reports OK!, which declares on its cover, “It’s Official! Princess Kate Pregnant! George & Charlotte Getting A Baby Sister.” “Hear ye, hear ye. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have royally exciting news to share: Another baby girl is on the way,” adds the magazine. 

An insider tells the publication, “Kate is about 15 weeks along.” The source also leaks that while she’s not even fourth months into this pregnancy, Middleton and Prince William “haven’t ruled out a fourth.” The outlet adds that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle have already been tapped to be the baby’s godparents.

The magazine points out, however, that Middleton is “waiting to go public with the news until well after” her sister Pippa’s wedding. Wait, if Middleton hasn’t gone “public” yet, how can OK! claim this pregnancy is “official”? Simply put, it’s not.

And there’s even more reason to doubt the validity of this pregnancy cover story. OK! wrongly alleged on three separate occasions last year that the Duchess was expecting. Of course, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid all three times.

Still, Gossip Cop reached out to Kensington Palace again this time, and we were told they weren’t even aware of this cover story. We were also exclusively assured there’s nothing “official” about the magazine’s article.

Miley Cyrus will be a “pregnant bride" Miley Cyrus - MTV Video Music Awards © Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP Miley Cyrus - MTV Video Music Awards Miley Cyrus will be a “pregnant bride," reveals Life & Style. In fact, “pals are saying she’s pregnant already,” reports the publication, which notes how Cyrus recently announced she now abstains from drugs and alcohol. 

An insider tells the magazine that Cyrus has been “prepping for motherhood” by doing prenatal yoga, and giving up bad foods and hair dye. She’s also been having “cravings for ice cubes and orange juice,” says the source. Additionally, the outlet reveals Cyrus has designed a “wacky nursery,” and is leaning towards the names Rainbow and Ocean for a girl.

Interestingly, what’s not included in the tabloid’s article is that the magazine similarly falsely alleged last year on a cover that Cyrus was going to be a “pregnant bride.” Gossip Cop busted that fake news story at the time, and we can do the same with Life & Style’s second attempt.

The singer is not expecting a baby, nor is she interested in having a child right now. Gossip Cop spoke to Cyrus’s rep, who exclusively tells us, “She is absolutely not pregnant.” The spokesperson adds, “She’s simply happy with her station in life, both physically and creatively.” Something tells us, though, Cyrus would probably be happier if Life & Style stopped publishing fake news about her.

Kelly Ripa's excitement for new host Ryan Seacrest is fake © Provided by Gossip Cop Even though Kelly Ripa appeared ecstatic when Ryan Seacrest joined “Live” earlier this month and the co-hosts have displayed great on-air chemistry, Star reports it’s all a fake. The magazine reveals the TV personalities are clashing over their “giant egos” and having control of the show. 

A source tells the outlet, “The mood on set is positively toxic,” as Seacrest believes Ripa is “full of herself,” while she thinks he’s “a user and a phony.” The publication’s insider goes on to note that ABC executives forced Seacrest on Ripa, who “didn’t have a say in Ryan coming on board.” Additionally, maintains the source, Ripa is furious about Seacrest hosting the upcoming “American Idol” revival because she knows he’s scheming “to move ‘Live’ to Los Angeles,” so he can more easily host both programs. “Given that Kelly’s whole life – the show, her husband and their children – revolves around NYC, that would be devastating for her, and would force her into a tough decision about staying on the show,” adds the magazine’s tipster.

It’s all very dramatic and completely untrue. Gossip Cop is exclusively assured by Ripa’s rep that she’s thrilled with her new co-host, and the tabloid’s cover story is “all false.” Additionally, a rep for Seacrest similarly tells Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” to the alleged feud.


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