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10 MCU Characters Fans Need To See In Spider-Man Freshman Year

CBR logo CBR 8/6/2022 Kevin DelSignore
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Originally announced in 2021, Spider-Man: Freshman Year was discussed in depth at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. The animated show will debut on Disney+ in 2024 and will follow a young Peter Parker in an alternate universe. Although it won't take place in the current MCU, the show will feature characters that both comics and MCU fans will recognize.

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Similar to Marvel's What If...?, Spider-Man: Freshman Year will tackle familiar scenarios with slight changes from the main MCU continuity. Tom Holland won't be voicing Peter Parker, however, it will be loosely based on his MCU journey. Characters announced at Comic-Con include Doc Ock, Rhino, and Scorpio, as well as Norman and Harry Osborn. Additionally, the show will most definitely include several MCU mainstays.

Tony Stark May Not Be Peter's Mentor But His Presence Should Still Be Felt

A new image from Freshman Year debuted at Comic-Con, showing Tony Stark's first meeting with Peter. However, Stark had been replaced with Norman Osborn. Although Tony won't be this universe's mentor to Peter Parker, his presence should still be felt.

Whether he's an active member of the Avengers or just a billionaire playboy, there's no denying the importance Tony Stark brings in every universe. Stark probably won't be a main character in Freshman Year, but seeing him on the news can be a fun way to pay tribute to the hero who started it all.

Doctor Strange Was Recently Confirmed During Comic-Con & Is Familiar With The Multiverse

Doctor Strange and Spider-Man have had a strong relationship in both the comics and MCU, so him being confirmed for Freshman Year isn't a surprise. Whether Strange is a friend to Spider-Man in this universe remains to be seen. Marvel's What If...? and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness tackle several interpretations of the former Sorcerer of Supreme, so anything is possible.

Doctor Strange could be the leader of the Avengers who's trying to recruit young heroes to the team, or he could be a charismatic magician working in New York. However, if this universe's Doctor Strange is anything like his other versions, he'll become a big-time player in the superhero world.

May Parker Is A Character Every Peter Parker Needs To Have

Aunt May is a beloved character and should be a staple in all universes. Thankfully, one of the Comic-Con photos revealed her presence alongside Norman Osborn, so she'll definitely be appear at some point. Whether May is Peter's primary guardian or just a fun-loving aunt will be revealed when the series hits Disney+.

Peter's parents and or Uncle Ben could still be alive. While that could might change the role May takes in Peter's life, her influence would still impact the young hero. If this universe's May is like any previous iteration on-screen or in the comics, she would likely factor into Peter's maturity, guiding him throughout his teen years.

The Hulk Should Be A Protector & Friend To This Universe's Spider-Man

While they haven't had any interactions in the MCU thus far, Spidey's brotherly relationship with the Hulk should be featured in Freshman Year. Hulk and Spider-Man experienced some great moments in the comics and the animated Ultimate Spider-Man show. Peter and Bruce could bond over their scientific backgrounds or just the fact that they both suit up as superheroes.

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This universe can even feature the raging Hulk from the earlier Avengers movies. Additionally, Spider-Man is one of the few characters the Jade Giant trusts and protects in the comics. Seeing the angry Hulk joking with a version of Spider-Man has comedy gold written all over it, especially if Hulk uses the term "bug man."

Charlie Cox Is Also Expected To Appear As The Man Without Fear

After debuting in the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Charlie Cox's Daredevil has been announced as a returning hero in Freshman Year. While Spider-Man has been on cosmic adventures in both the MCU and comics, he's best known as a street-level hero and running into Daredevil makes perfect sense.

Peter is from Queens and Matt Murdock is from Hell's Kitchen, so protecting New York City is usually their main priority. Cox will also return as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the upcoming She-Hulk series and his own 18-episode series on Disney+ titled Daredevil: Born Again.

Seeing Black Widow Appear Alongside Daredevil & Spidey Is A Must

Black Widow has become one of the most important characters in the MCU, serving as both a leader and an original member of the Avengers. Although she sacrifices herself in Avengers: Endgame, the Freshman Year universe can feature a living Black Widow who serves as a possible love interest for the already confirmed Daredevil.

Whether she's a member of the Avengers, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., or just a solo assassin, Black Widow will prove a valuable ally for Spidey and Daredevil. Things can get even more interesting if Black Widow is spying on them for an unknown organization.

Ms. Marvel's Would Make A Great Friend The Web-Head Could Relate To

The recent Ms. Marvel series focused on young Kamala Khan gaining her superpowers while living life in New Jersey. Although she's just a child in the MCU continuity, Freshman Year's alternate timeline can make Kamala an already established heroine. Perhaps she's trained with Carol Danvers in this timeline and has truly earned the Marvel moniker.

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Regardless of her interactions or lack thereof with other heroes in the main MCU, Kamala may simply be curious about other heroes in this universe. Being a teenager with new powers in the New York/Jersey area may lead her to seek Spider-Man once she discovers there's another young hero like herself. Spidey and Ms. Marvel can bond over being teens with superpowers and can even become leaders of a Young Avengers group.

Seeing A Young Spider-Man Standing Up To An Invading Loki Would Be Tremendous

Whether this universe had a Battle of New York or not, Loki's desire to rule Earth transcends time and space. Marvel's What If... ? showed an alternate Loki teaming up with Nick Fury to take down an evil Hank Pym. However, after Loki helped bring down Pym, he turned on Fury and began his invasion of Earth.

Seeing another evil Loki go toe to toe with the young Web-Head would be a great way for Spidey to prove himself a real hero. While it would be a tough challenge for the young Spider-Man, surviving to see another day would impress even the hardened Nick Fury.

This Universe's Spider-Man Should Idolize Another New York Legend, Captain America

Iron Man may have been the MCU's mentor to Peter Parker, but Freshman Year can mix it up and have the young hero idolize Captain America. Much like Ms. Marvel reveals Kamala Khan's love for Captain Marvel, Freshman Year can feature posters of the Star Spangled Man on Peter's walls.

Being a super soldier from Brooklyn, Cap could serve as a great inspiration to the young Spidey, who perhaps wears red and blue as a tribute to the American legend. While other iterations of the Spidey suit have been inspired by Luchador wrestlers, Peter wanting to follow in the footsteps of his hero will be a fun twist in Freshman Year.

Nick Fury Could Show Up To Recruit Spider-Man To The Avengers

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spidey thought he was working with Nick Fury and Maria Hill. However, they turned out to be Skrulls in disguise, so technically Peter never met the real Nick Fury in the main timeline. The main timeline also featured Nick Fury talking to Iron Man about other heroes in 2008, which kicked off the whole MCU.

However, what if Tony Stark never built the Iron Man armor in the Freshman Year universe? Seeing the real Nick Fury show up at Peter's apartment to talk about "The Avenger Initiative" would set the internet on fire.

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