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Trump inexplicably attacked Fox News host Jessica Tarlov in a late night Truth Social rant

We Got This Covered 1/27/2023 Stacey Ritzen
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Donald Trump doesn’t appear to be taking his 2024 campaign for president very seriously. Between being photographed with mob bosses and cheating at his own golf championships, it seems like his second shot at the White House couldn’t be further from his mind.

Case in point, on Thursday night Trump went off on an unhinged rant about Fox News host Jessica Tarlov, who co-hosts The Five on the cable news network. The former president shared his thoughts on Truth Social, which — despite being allowed back on Twitter and now Facebook — continues to be his platform of choice.

Trump started out his post with an all-caps notice that his post was a “review,” and things only went downhill from there.

“REVIEW: I really like The Five on FoxNews, especially the hosts, with the exception of wacky Jessica Tarlov, who is absolutely terrible. Her facts are knowingly wrong, her jittery presentation is horrendous and, forgive me, her VOICE is grating and unendurable. Juan Williams was terrible, but better than her. I know the show is doing well, but no thanks to Jessica. I find her impossible to take in large doses, & put out this ‘REVIEW’ because it is important to expose Fake News, & Fake People!”

Rotten Tomatoes, he ain’t.

Any any rate, it’s unclear what Tarlov may have done to trigger Trump’s ire, but it is worth pointing out that she’s the token liberal on the panel. So it seems likely that she may have said something critical of him on Thursday’s program — or any day, really.

Tarlov has been with Fox News since 2017, offering political analysis across both the flagship news channel as well as Fox Business Network’s programming. So, despite Trump’s ire, it seems like she must be doing something right!

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