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'Bald for Bieber' an Internet hoax

'Bald for Bieber' an Internet hoax © Getty Images / Justin Bieber 'Bald for Bieber' an Internet hoax


An Internet hoax claiming Justin Bieber had been diagnosed with cancer, and that fans had begun shaving their heads in solidarity, has spread fears that actual supporters of the singer will "go bald for Bieber."

It goes like this: On Tuesday, the rascals who inhabit 4Chan posted a crudely Photoshopped "tweet" supposedly from the verified account of Entertainment Tonight. It stated matter-of-factly, "Pop star Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer earlier this morning. Bieber fans are shaving their heads to show their support."

Bing:'Bald for Bieber' photos

Above the fake tweet were photos of non-fans, one of whom is not holding a piece of paper with the Twitter hashtag #BaldforBieber. Below the image is another faked tweet, this one from the man himself, Justin Bieber.

"Several of my AWESOME supporters are shaving their heads to help get me through this! I love my fans! #BaldforBieber," the fake tweet reads.

Fast as you can say "Baby, Baby, Baby, Oooh," the hashtag became a trending topic and numerous videos began popping up on YouTube. However most of the clips feature text and random photos of bald teens who could very well be hairless for other reasons.

There have been other sub-hoaxes as well. On Wednesday, a YouTube user named "BaldForBieber" uploaded a video of a radio segment by Madison, WI's Z104 showing two women participating in the "very first Bald for Bieber" event. Comments range from ridicule for the women to gratitude for 4chan. However, the clip is actually from a 2010 concert ticket giveaway.

Going bald for Bieber tickets? Yes, it happens. But by all accounts, it does not appear any tweens, teens or moms have actually shaved their heads in response to this faux cancer scare.

Bieber has not spoken out on the hoax or the cancer rumors, however the singer's bodyguard Kenny Hamilton has confirmed he is not sick.

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