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Celebs to watch in Spring 2013

By Katie Mathewson Slide 1 of 15

It's always around the beginning of springtime when we start to see budding talent rise up toward the sun. But instead of just looking at the breakout talent of 2013, we'd like to break down who you'll be seeing a lot of this spring -- for better, and perhaps more interestingly, for worse.15. Jaden Smith & Kylie JennerThe Young LoversYou Know Them From: Their famous families: The Smiths & The Kardashians/JennersWhy We're Watching: Is it just us, or do Jaden and Kylie feel like the next Kimye or Brangelina? (How have their names not become a hybrid yet?) Either way, this is puppy love at its finest -- new, young, fun, and full of PDA. Kylie recently tweeted: "When a guy can handle your flaws, love you on your moody days, and say you're beautiful in your sweatpants and PJs, he's worth loving." Unfortunately, Will Smith is rumored to be against his son dating a member of the scandal-plagued family. Come on, Will, what could go wrong?RELATED:Kylie and Jaden out and about
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