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Cheesy goodness: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles recreate 'Dirty Dancing' lift

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 10

Nobody puts Haylor in a corner. In a photo that makes us wonder if Taylor "Yoko" Swift and Harry Styles are now just messing with us, it appears the budding lovebirds were photographed recreating the lift scene from "Dirty Dancing" during a One Direction afterparty following a recent show at Madison Square Garden.Granted, it's unclear if this Twitpic is actually of them, but that hasn't stopped a flood of questions, including but not limited to: How long did they practice this move before trying it in public? Why and when did they practice this? Did Swift receive pointers from BFF Emma Stone, who re-enacted the scene with Ryan Gosling in "Crazy, Stupid, Love"? (As his character explained, "I tell girls I can do the move. I put on the song, 'Time of Your Life,' I do the big move and they always wanna have sex with me.")And if you're wondering, you will indeed be humming, "Yes, I swear, it's the truth, and I owe it all to yewwwwwwww" for the rest of the day.Haylor's apparent lovey-dovey airborne moment caps off several weeks of increased public displays of affection from the pair, from their daytime outing to the Central Park Zoo to their nighttime makeout."They are completely enamored with each other," a source tells Hollywood Life, "and are in the 'like-like' phase." Of course they are.Still, this photo has us pondering just what romantic scene Taylor and Harry will imitate next. Will they tuck into a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, and then share a chaste kiss after they both end up sucking down a particularly long strand of pasta? Will Swift blast "Wind Beneath My Wings" from a boom box while standing outside Styles' window? Give us your best guess in the comments, then click on for more photos ...
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